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Robi Internet Offer 2023 | Robi Internet Package Update Code


This tutorial includes all Robi internet offer codes, ranging from free internet offers to packages with 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and unlimited validity. So, below, you can find and activate the best Robi internet packages.

Robi 3 Day’s Internet Code

Here We Include Robi Internet Offer for 3 Days. Regular 3G+4G User’s can Purchase This. Only Recharge and SSD Code.

712MB 38TK RBD220202A Dial *123*38# Active By Recharge
812MB 41TK RBS220203A Dial *123*41# Recharge 41
912MB 46TK RBD220200A Dial *123*46# Recharge 46TK
1.5GB 57TK RBD220093A Dial *123*57# Recharge 57TK
2GB 63TK RBD220089A Dial *123*63# Recharge 63TK
3GB 76TK RBD220011A Dial *123*76# Recharge 76TK
5GB 89TK RBD220193A Dial *123*89# Recharge 89
8GB 96TK RBD220186A Dial *123*96# Recharge 96BDT

Robi 7 Day’s Internet Package Code

Here Including Robi Internet Package 7 days. Regular and Special 4G Customers Enjoy This Offer.

612MB 84TK RBD220158B Dial *123*84# Recharge 84TK
3GB 114TK RBD220011B Dial *123*0114# Recharge 114TK
5GBB 131TK RBD220193B Dial *123*0131# Recharge 131TK
8GB 148TK RBD220189B Dial *123*0148# Recharge 148TK
10GB 164TK RBR220157B Dial *123*0164# Recharge 164TK
16GB 178TK RBD220177B Dial *123*0178# Recharge 178TK
812B 189TK RBS220203B Dial *123*0189# Recharge 189TK

Robi 15 Days Mb Offer Code :

This Step i Include All Robi Internet Offer 15 Days. So,Every One Purchase This Package and Enjoy 3G,4G and 5G Network.

612MB 123TK RBD220158C Dial *123*0132# Recharge 123TK
2GB 171TK RBD220089C Dial *123*0171# Recharge 171TK
15GB 209TK RBD220102C Dial *123*0209# Recharge 209TK
16GB 279TK RBD220177C Dial *123*0279# Recharge 279TK
35GB 439TK RBC220199C Dial *123*0439# Recharge 439TK
50GB 469TK RBD220089C Dial *123*0469# Recharge 469TK
15GB 209TK RBD220102C Dial *123*0209# Recharge 209TK

Robi 30 Days Internet Pack

This Step We Include Robi Internet Package 30 days Validity. 3G,4G and 5G Network Enjoyable. Every User’s Purchase This offer.

400MB-IMO 25TK RBR220037D Dial *123*25# Recharge 25TK
612MB 132TK RBD220158D Dial *123*0232# Recharge 132TK
2GB 239TK RBD220089D Dial *123*0239# Recharge 239TK
3GB 264TK RBD220011D Dial *123*0264# Recharge 264TK
8GB 299TK RBR220194D Dial *123*0299# Recharge 299TK
15B 399TK RBD220102D Dial *123*0399# Recharge 399TK
35GB 549TK RBD220184D Dial *123*0549# Recharge 549TK
45GB 598TK RBC220183D Dial *123*0598# Recharge 598TK
50GB 698TK RBC220206D Dial *123*0698# Recharge 698TK


Here Include Robi Unlimited Internet Package for Limited Time. Every User’s can Purchase This Offer.

23TK 2H Active *123*23#
34TK 3H Active *123*34#
10GB 444TK Unlimited Validity Dial *123*0444#
20GB 777TK Unlimited Validity Dial *123*0777#
50GB 1444TK Unlimited Validity Dial *123*1444#


Robi Bondho sim Open and Enjoy Many Offers.
Robi Bondho sim offer Check code *888#
48TK 6.5GB Internet Offer. To Active Dial *123*48#
77TK 8GB Pack. To Active Dial *123*77#
Validity This Offer 7 Day’s.
To Check Your Internet Balance Dial *3#

3GB+30M 37TK 7 Days Active *8050#
1GB+45M 31TK 7 Days Active *8050#
6GB+120M 119TK 30 Days Dial *888#
30GB+700M 448TK 30 Days Dial *888#


Are you new Subscribers? Your have Many Special Offer. It’s Robi New Sim internet Offer.

1GB 18TK 7 Days Active Recharge 18BDT
2GB+20M 42TK 7 Days Active By Recharge
4GB+100M 82TK 15 Days Recharge 82TK


  • Robi 26GB -30GB Free Internet Package Available.
  • This Offer Based on Smartphone and 4G+5G Network
  • Some Smartphone User’s Can Purchase This. 4G User’s Available 26GB and 5G User’s Available 30GB.
  • Including This Phone (vivo,oppo,Realme,Xiaomi, Walton, Poco)
  • To Active This Pack – You call any Local Number by Your Phone SIM 1 Then You Got Automatic Bonus.
  • Vapid -7 days.

Terms and conditions :

  • Robi All User’s Can Purchase This Internet Offer.
  • 2G+3G+4G+5G Network Enjoyable This Pack.
  • There All Robi Internet Offer Valid Till 2023
  • There Offers can Purchase Unlimited.
  • There Internet Package can Active by SSD Code or Recharge.
  • To Check Your Internet Balance Dial *3#
  • To Check Your Own Number Dial *2#
  • To check Your Minutes *222*2#
  • To Check Your SMS Dial *222*12#
  • Robi Main Balance Check *1#
  • Robi Emergency Balance Code *123*007#
  • Robi Special Internet Offer Check *222*9#
  • Robi Customers Care Number 121
  • Got Best Internet Setting *140*7*1#


Got Best Performance By Using Robi Internet offer. your Need You Update Your Internet Setting.

Go to Phone Setting. Check ” sim card / Network / Mobile data” Setting. Now Again Click “SIM & Network “.

Now Click ” Access point Name “. This Page one the Top ” Plus ” Icon Click & Change Configure.

Name :8.8.8

Now save and Enable This Setting. Then Enjoy 4G Internet.


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