Singer Android TV Price in Bangladesh: Your Guide to Smart Entertainment

When it comes to upgrading your home entertainment experience, Singer Android TVs have become a popular choice in Bangladesh. These smart TVs combine the latest technology with affordability, offering a wide range of features for an immersive viewing experience. In this article, we’ll explore the Singer Android TV price in Bangladesh and help you make an informed decision for your entertainment needs.

Understanding Singer Android TVs

Singer, a well-known brand in Bangladesh, has ventured into the world of Android TVs, catering to the growing demand for smart and connected televisions. Singer Android TVs come in various screen sizes, ranging from compact options for smaller rooms to larger screens for your home theater setup.

Singer Android TV Features

Before we dive into pricing details, let’s highlight some of the features that make Singer Android TVs popular among consumers:

  • Smart Android OS: These TVs run on the Android operating system, providing access to a vast library of apps, including streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and more.
  • High-Resolution Displays: Singer Android TVs come with high-resolution screens, ensuring vibrant colors and sharp images for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: You can connect your devices seamlessly through HDMI, USB, and other ports available on these TVs.
  • Voice Control: Many Singer Android TVs support voice commands, allowing you to control your TV and search for content with ease.

Singer Android TV Price Range

The price of Singer Android TVs in Bangladesh can vary based on factors such as screen size, display technology, and additional features. As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, here is a general price range you can expect:

  • 32-inch Singer Android TV: Prices for smaller models typically start at around BDT 18,000 to BDT 25,000.
  • 43-inch Singer Android TV: Mid-sized TVs with larger screens might range from BDT 30,000 to BDT 45,000.
  • 55-inch and Larger Singer Android TVs: If you’re looking for a larger screen for your living room or home theater, expect prices to start from BDT 50,000 and go up depending on the specifications.

Factors Influencing Price

Several factors can influence the price of Singer Android TVs:

  • Screen Size: Larger screens often come at a higher cost.
  • Resolution: TVs with higher resolution (such as 4K) tend to be more expensive.
  • Smart Features: Advanced smart features, including voice control and app compatibility, can impact the price.
  • Brand and Model: Different models and brands within the Singer Android TV range may have varying prices.

Please note that prices may have changed since my last update in September 2021. To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it’s recommended to visit Singer’s official website or check with authorized retailers in Bangladesh.


Investing in a Singer Android TV can transform your home entertainment setup by providing access to a world of content and smart features. When considering a purchase, it’s essential to assess your budget, screen size preferences, and the specific features that matter most to you. With the right Singer Android TV, you can enjoy a cinematic viewing experience from the comfort of your home in Bangladesh.

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